The Green Dutch Lady cocktail (serves 1)


Wheatgrass juice preparation:

60 g wheatgrass

1 L water

Blend 60 grams of wheatgrass with 1 liter of water and sieve to make 30 ml of juice. Do this just before serving, in order to prevent the wheatgrass juice from oxidizing.

Wheatgrass cocktail preparation:

45 ml Old Simon Jenever

30 ml wheatgrass juice (press 60g of wheatgrass with 1 L of water just before serving)

20 ml fresh bergamot juice

15 ml simple syrup

10 ml egg white

¼ of a bar spoon ginger purée

a dash of sea water (or water with salt)

In a cocktail shaker without ice, combine the Old Simon Genever, wheatgrass juice, fresh bergamot juice, simple syrup, egg white, the ginger purée and a dash of sea water.Shake and pour into a glass without ice. Serve alongside toast topped with crab and algae.

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