Frequently asked questions

Why buy from Geoponica Greens?

Geoponica Greens hasimplemented the latest technology in hydroponic farming to further enrichits produce for the best flavor, texture, and nutritious qualities for its customers. By enhancing certainexterior environmental qualities into a more advantageous indoor growing environment that each plant species desires, Geoponica Greens can guarantee the cleanest, healthiest produce.

We support health benefits to the fullest and wish to educate and all our customers on the advantages of eating all forms microgreens, and all of our produce grown hydroponically.

How can I purchase from Geoponica Greens?

Orders can be placed through the website 24/7 365 days per year or call us at 856-419-8454 or email us at

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to all of our clients inside the Tristate area. Areas outside of our general home base will be shipped. We can ship throughout the United States.

Within the tristate area, any orders above $100 are personally delivered upon request. Orders created for outside of the area are delivered by UPS. For the products which are perishable, we send with gel packs to keep fresh.

Is pickup available?

Pick up times can be established through call or text.

Do you offer tours?

Due to our strict food safety measures we do not offer tours to the general public

What are the delivery timeframes?

Delivery days inside the tristate area are on subsequent weekends.

**Pending the order size, and customer relationship, please allow for +/-2 weeks for shipping/delivery upon order creation to for fresh inventory.

If I am not satisfied with my order when it is received, what should I do?

100% customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at Geoponica Greens;however, we do not take returns. If your order does not arrive in the condition anticipated, please contact us

Are Geoponica Greens products organically grown?

At this time, organic certification is extremely difficult to obtain and maintain. Nonetheless, we are a soilless farm, we do not contribute to the carbon footprint, we do not utilize any form of pesticides, and source seeds from the nation's top organic and non-GMO seed vendors.

Is there a preferred minimum order quantity?

Minimum Order is $25