Geoponica Greens is an indoor hydroponics farm located in Allenhurst, NJ. We grow fresh, local produce all year round serving the Tristate area.
Because we are an indoor farm, we are not subjected to the effects of climate seasonality.  

***We are currently getting up and running, but are taking orders to provide and deliver  the best greens!

We can be your premiere source for local, consistently fresh, specialty produce year-round.


By delivering the nutrients straight to the plants' roots we are able to shorten crop cycles and produce the best flavors.
Everything is grown pesticide-free.
We’re changing the way food is grown and distributed and we’re reconnecting people with the story of food from farm to fork....
Our trays can provide greens in 10"x 20" , 2"x 3" sheets, or recyclable food containers.
"When I started this healing journey my body was in oxidation stress from pharmaceutical drugs.  It was too inflamed to absorb anti-oxidant supplements but I could absorb anti-oxidants in their whole-food forms...So when I asked the local healers, how to increase my anti-oxidant intake, they told me to eat micro greens!"